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"Originally from Liverpool in the UK, professionally I'm know as Nomad Barber. I've been barbering since my teenage years, but I definitely became more prominent in the industry when I decided to go around the world and document the barbering trade. I realized that there wasn't much information about international barbering, especially not from countries like India, Nepal or China; I saw a real opportunity to blend my love for travel and photography with my passion for people and barbering. Being able to visit so many countries and meet so many barbers was amazing; I've learnt so much from my journey both personally and in my profession. They symbolic side of cutting hair is fascinating; from baby's first ""full moon"" hair cut in China, to the status hair has for the African Masai men. Travel has been a big inspiration for me, my craft and my barbershops in London and Berlin."
- Nomad Barber

“Travelling the world inspires me in my craft and creation. Embrace the unknown and let the journey become part of you."

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